Trips & Excursions

“Nothing beats exciting hands-on experience to deepen learning. The magic of a field trip isn’t just the subject, it’s the break in routine and adventure that opens up children’s minds to new things.”

The academic year at Smart Wonders School is planned to ensure that our students get a chance to participate in both educational and fun filled trips. An essential part of learning these trips promise to be knowledgeable while at the same time renewing confidence and feeling of responsibility among the young learners.

Trip to Nature’s Trail

The students of class UKG I and II were taken on trip to Nature’s Trail. It was day full of fun and frolic. It was an amazing camp experience where wilderness meets adventure, adventure meets nature. New and exciting activities kept the children busy all day. It taught them outdoor survival skills and environmental appreciation. It was an educative and fun filled outing which gave the students an opportunity to unwind from their daily routine and forge new bonds of friendship.

Koti Camp Trip

Students of classes 5 and 6 went to Koti Camp in Himachal Pradesh for an adventure camp lasting three days and two nights. Students started from school on 12th November and came back on 14th November. Students stayed in tents with their groups enthralled by the experience. They got up early to do morning exercises, went trekking, did rappelling, flying fox activity, rope climbing ,were taken for a trek, played group games and danced around the bonfire lit for them each night. On the last day they visited Kufri and enjoyed themselves in the amusement park. The students came back rejuvenated and very happy.

Wonderites’ Visit to Jaipur

Smart Wonderites visited Jaipur, a demanding yet captivating tourist destination that is full of extremes, from opulent and lavish palaces to grinding daily poverty. A group of fifty-one students and six teachers left the city by train and reached Pink city on 13th November, 2016. The students were put-up in a four star hotel. After freshing up, the students were served a mouth watering buffet breakfast at the hotel and proceeded for sight-seeing. The three day and four night trip took them around the town and its surroundings to see the beautiful palaces like City palace, Amer fort, Jal mahal and Palace of winds.

They went around to see Jantar Mantar, SMS II Museum, Laxmi Narayan temple and also watched a movie at the famous Raj Mandir theatre. The most exciting evening was at Choki Dhani, a village fair beautifully landscaped for a rustic look where folk artists perform concurrently and Rajasthani dishes are served.

The items to shop on the last day were “bandini” and “block print” fabrics viz, sarees, salwaar kameez, kurtas, skirts and dupattas, a speciality of rajasthani people, “rajasthani juttis”, which are available in white camel leather and painted, the other things to look forward were ‘Rajashthani katputlis’ or the puppets, wooden musicians, hand woven bed covers.

Visit to the Art and History Museum, Class 4

Class 4 visited the Art and History Museum, Sector 10 Chandigarh on 11th August, 2016 as a part of their Social Studies curriculum. The students were taken to the History section of the museum where they saw displays exhibiting beginning of life on Earth to the different stages of evolution of mankind. The students were given a guided tour by the experts at the museum. The experts explained all the displays to the students and answered their queries. The trip was a huge success as it not only enhanced the knowledge of the students but even gave them the opportunity to interact with their classmates and share their ideas.

Visit to Punjab Energy Development Agency
(PEDA) Class VIII & X On 5-8-2016

Punjab Energy Development Agency was formed in Sept. 1991 as a state nodal agency for promotion and development of renewable energy projects and energy conservation programme in the state of Punjab. PEDA is registered as a Society under the Societies Act of 1860. To make our students understand the relevance of conserving energy and how to use it efficiently, our school organized a visit to PEDA for the classes 8th and 10th. The visit predominantly focused on developing clarity on the renewable sources and nonrenewable sources of energy.

Energy conservation and energy efficiency are not only important topics for long-distance runners, they are also important as we discuss our reliance on carbon-based fossil fuels. By practicing both energy conservation and energy efficiency, we can reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and help the environment. Our students were able to understand that the need of the day is to “insist on industries adopting clean technologies wherever available.”

Visit To The Doll Museum Class UKG- 2 On 27-7-16

Dolls and childhood- two words which seem incomplete without each other. The young children from Class UKG and Class 1 visited the Doll museum situated inside Bal Bhawan Sector 23 Chandigarh on Wednesday 27th July 2016. Set up in 1985, the museum is home to over 350 dolls brought here from 28 countries.

The Doll Museum, Chandigarh was the brainchild and initiative of Rotarian R. K. Saboo, who would bring back a doll from every country he visited for the children of Chandigarh. Dressed in traditional costumes, the dolls originally belong to countries like Argentina, Austria, Belgium, France, Russia, USA, Germany, Finland, and Israel.

Visit To Meteorological Department On 22-7- 2016

The Department of Social Sciences, Smart Wonders School organised a short educational visit to Meteorological Department, Chandigarh on July 22, 2016. The purpose of the visit was to apprise the students about the instruments, equipment and technique involved in the prediction of weather.

The students were taken to the Surface Observatory, where one of the officials of the Meteorological Dept., explained how various equipments work to record amount of humidity in the visit to meteorological department air, temperature, air pressure, etc., thereby leading to weather forecast. One of the fascinating learning for the students was about how rainfall and intensity of rain is measured by the department.

The students saw the soil thermometers which record the temperature of soil at different depths. The officials demonstrated to the students how they measure dew point with dry and wet bulbs and also familiarized the students with the value table that is used to measure dew point.It was a good experiential learning experience for the students.

A Visit to the British Library Chandigarh

“I do believe that something magical can happen when you read a good book.” J. K. Rowling

To encourage young minds to develop the love of reading, our students visited the British Library, Phase 1 Industrial Area, Chandigarh. The students were informed about the various sections and activities of the library. They were amazed to see the beautifully decorated junior section where children get a comfortable seating space to read and can also use computers to browse.

The students also learnt about the various facilities which the library provides, like the cyber zone where the members of the library can access the internet and gain information. They learnt about the process of issue and return of the books.

After the visit, the students were seen discussing their favourite books and pictures in different books.

A Visit to Burger King


The students went for camp in the relaxing lap of nature to the lovely campsite of Will-o-the-wisp. They experienced the luxury of verdant trees with the sun rays peering through, amidst the smell of fresh leaves and the music of chirping birds. The students enjoyed a wonderful mix of fun and adventure activities like trekking, races, tug of war, ring face painting, camel rides, magic show, etc.

This was a wonderful closure to their academic session. With near perfect weather –not too hot or rainy it was a great relaxing day for the children. The learnings of working in a team, pushing our physical limits were a great add-on to the fun part of the camp.