“Learning is not the product of teaching. Learning is the product of the activity of Learners.
John Holt.

The school undertakes activities so that students become behaviorally refined and morally forthright by imbibing self-discipline along with apt etiquette and essential life skills.

Tilak Ceremony

Soon we will be sending out our first batch of wonderites who will be starting a new chapter in their lives after passing their class X examination. To pray for their success,SWS family organized Tilak ceremony. The ceremony started with Saraswati vandana after which our respected Principal Ms. Anu Dhingra applied Tilak on the forehead of the students to bless them for a bright and successful future. It was an emotional moment for the students as well as for the educators. We are sure that these young ambassadors of SWS will keep the school flag flying high….

Salad Making Competition

To celebrate a bonding that begins even before birth, the students of Class 2 at Smart Wonders School, Sector 71 Mohali celebrated 20th May 2016 in honour of their dear mothers. The classrooms were decked with festivity and love. The students welcomed their mothers with a hug and presented them with beautiful handmade cards and a recipe booklet-recipe of love for mothers and 2 snacks for the mother and the child to make together.

salad making competition was held wherein each child assisted his/her mother to make yummy and nutritious salads. The winners were presented with a crown and a token of appreciation by the Principal Mrs. Anu Dhingra. Speaking on the occasion Principal Mrs. Anu Dhingra complemented the mothers for the tremendous effort put in by each of them. Each mother returned home with a smile on her lips and cheer in her heart.

Puppet Show

May 19, 2016 marked a fun-filled day for the students of the Junior Wing (Classes KG – 3) at Smart Wonders School. The school organized a puppet show in collaboration with The Hindustan Times. .

The essence of the show was its uniqueness. It was not a usual and regular puppet show where just stories are related. Here, the students could relate the puppets to their heroes, their favourite cartoon characters like, Chinku, Spider Man, Chhota Bheem, Radha, Chutki etc. To hold the excitement of the students and to add more flavor to their enjoyment a puppet magic show was also arranged by the school. The show stopper was the puppet of the glamorous and famous Bollywood Actor, Jacqueline Fernandez. The joy and merriment of the students had no bounds. .

The Principal, Ms Anu Dhingra, expressed her deep ecstasy to see the little angels excited. She further remarked that ‘such activities are very important for the development and growth of the students’ imagination and creative talent.’

Story Telling

To inculcate and improve the language skills and the habit of reading among young children, Smart Wonders School, Mohali organized a session on Storytelling for the students of Classes UKG and 1, in collaboration with the story tellers from the Alankar Theatre Group on May 12, 2016.

The purpose of the session was to introduce the young brilliant minds to the art of storytelling and stirring their imagination. In addition to this, it was also intended to initiate and promote the interest of the students in activities that enhance their confidence, personality and hone their skills, so that they can think out of the box and think beyond their capacities.

Earth Day

Smart Wonders School, Mohali celebrated the Earth Day in the school premises. All the students participated in Slogan Writing and Poster Making competition on themes underlining the significance and exigency to save our planet Earth. The purpose of the event was to engage, involve and encourage the students to raise their voice and spread awareness about the conservation of all the natural resources and natural life existing on earth.

It was quite remarkable that all the students had made slogans and posters highlighting the dire need to preserve energy, water and life. The students of Class 2 celebrated the entire week from 18th April to 22nd April 2016 as the Earth Week. Activities ranging from Nature walk, making paper bags to writing letters to parents were undertaken by the students. To instill the value of, “Keep Our Surroundings clean” the young students took up the challenge to clean their own classrooms.

Save the Tigers campaign

Students of Smart Wonders School Sector 71 Mohali, got together to spread the message of “Save Tigers” in school today. Class 2 and Class UKG presented a special assembly on the occasion. A skit was performed by the young actors and actresses of Class UKG based on the story of hunters wanting to kill the animals in the jungle and the animals revolting against them by attacking them.

With only 1411 tigers left in India the students took a pledge to spread awareness about saving the beautiful animal tiger along with other animals. Principal Mrs Anu Dhingra appreciated the efforts of the students and spoke to them about taking care of all the plants and animals.

Smart Wonderites –Spread Awareness through Green Campaign

“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors. We borrow it from our children”.

The student of Class –II Smart Wonders School Sector 71 Mohali, organized a Go Green campaign with the aim of spreading awareness to keep our planet clean and green. The Wonderites celebrated Earth Day in a beautiful way by gifting a sapling in the neighborhood and conveying and sensitizing the people about the need to preserve and conserve our earth. The children spread the message of Nurture Nature through their campaign.

Dentist Visit

Kindergarten students of Smart Wonders School Sector 71 Mohali, exhibited their inquisitive side in school today. While studying the theme “Our Body” the students invited dentist Dr Tejbir Dhillon from Dhillon Dental Clinic Phase 9 Mohali to the school for an interactive session on –Taking Care of our Teeth.

Dr Dhillon, used a very child friendly presentation and language, while giving the students a very cheerful insight into taking care of their teeth. The involved and very energetic students of UKG asked Dr Dhillon many questions- one such question was- The teeth that get spoiled –why do such teeth pain?

The interactive session lasted for an hour. Principal Mrs Anu Dhingra stressed the importance of having a strong parent school partnership for creating a very happy learning environment for the students. She further promised the students that such interaction with parents from different professions will be a part of the curriculum in the near future.

Nanhi Jaan

Students of classes 6, 7 and 8 of Smart Wonders School visited a crèche run by Nanhi Jaan for underprivileged children.

The hour long interaction included an art and craft workshop in which the children were taught to make funny masks and dancing snakes. 100_1065While the older kids enjoyed the art and craft, the younger ones loved storytelling and nursery rhymes. Gifts were distributed to the children by Smart Wonderities towards the end of the workshop.

It was a fun filled and enriching experience for the children.

Happy Labour Day- They make a difference

Labour Day was celebrated with full aplomb. The function started by welcoming the workers and acknowledging their hard work. The Principal Mrs. Anu Dhingra lauded the ceaseless efforts of the work force of the nation and the school in particular.