Curriculum & Learning System

The curriculum for the Junior Wing has been designed to achieve a balance between the academics and extra curricular activities for holistic development of the children.


The school has a well researched structured curriculum, which ensures conceptual understanding and applied thinking. Our goal is to encourage children to ask questions, form independent hypothesis and develop an inquisitive mind. There are six domains of development which are focused on in the Junior Wing, these are

Language development for effective communication,
Numeracy development for problem solving and reasoning.
Cognitive development for stimulating intellectual curiosity.
Physical development for enabling strong foundation for fine
and gross motor skill development.
Creative development for stimulating aesthetic appreciation
Social and emotional development for ensuring social competence and emotional well being.

Middle School – (Class 3-5)

As the students grow a little older and their understanding of the world around them increases, their subject base increases; the curriculum needs to evolve to keep pace with the developing skill set.

The Middle Years Program (Class 3- 5) is structured to provide the student with varied and challenging Learning Experiences in order to help them develop lively inquiring minds, be creative and expand their intellectual capacities. The school aims to provide its students with a sound foundation in literacy, numeracy and ICT skills in these years.

Conversations around topics like tolerance towards all races, religions and ways of life builds the moral character of the child in these years. The school aims at encouraging these young minds to relate positively with others and take responsibility for their own actions.

The academic knowledge helps complete the goal of supporting the development of a well-balanced child in these crucial years.

In the Middle Wing, the subject base of the students increase to include the learning of a new Language French along with the compulsory third language of Punjabi. The subject of Environmental Science (EVS) branches in to Science and Social Studies.

Recognising the need of the students to acquire skills and techniques of different sports and activities, the school has introduced the ENRICHMENT PROGRAMME from Class 3 onwards. The Enrichment Program enables the students to enrich their learning in school by exploring their interests and talents in fields other than their textbooks

Competition first against oneself and then with one’s peers is taught and practiced in these wonderful growing years. The journey of young children to young thoughtful adults is supported by regular and guided counseling discussion sessions by the School Counselor.

The aim of the Middle School is achieved when the students and teachers strive towards the motto of, “ Be the best version of you” in and out of the School.

SENIOR WING- (Class 6-10))

The rush to grow up, from children to young thoughtful adults, the Senior Years at Smart Wonders School goes through a well-researched change in the teaching and learning methodology.

Based strictly on the CBSE guidelines for teaching and assessment, the senior school aims to scaffold the growth of students into independent, thinking learners. To enable the Smart Wonderites to cope confidently with the learning needs of their future studies in a technological and information rich environment, the curriculum aims at

Developing the ability to conceptualize, enquire, reason and communicate efficiently & effectively.

Developing a positive attitude towards learning and the capability to appreciate the aesthetic and cultural aspects of a varied range of events, people and places
Fostering in the students a thirst for knowledge, honesty and an attitude of giving their best to each and every situation they come across in their lives.

To achieve the above aims, a variety of teaching methods are used, including teacher- directed learning, student research, group projects and presentations. Equipped with smart boards the classrooms are interactive with emphasis on e-learning.

A wide range of assessment methods are used to assess students’ outcome. These may include individual research projects, group assignments, oral and visual presentations, use of technology including Power Point as well as, more traditional class tests and assignments. Keeping the motto of the school, ‘to create CONFIDENT, COMPETENT , CARING young adults, the students are given exposure to inter-school, inter-city and global events like MUN, World Scholar’s Cup, Zonal and Inter District Sports Tournaments, ISRO conference, Olympiads etc.

The students’ eventful journey into adolescence is supported by regular counseling sessions by the School Counselor. “Education breeds confidence, Confidence breeds hope. Hope breeds peace” Confucius. The Senior School at Smart Wonders aims at creating sensitive, global citizens of tomorrow.