Mission Statement

It is our mission that our students became Confident, Competent and Caring global citizens who will rejuvenate the spirit of human values and discourage discrimination on the basis of religion, caste and economic background.

Love of Learning
The whole purpose of education to kindle a questioning and curious spirit that promotes intellectual and personal growth through a process of enquiry, exploration and adaptability.

A sustained commitment to meeting high standards of character, achievement and personal accountability.

Personal integrity and devotion to moral values like truth, fairness, integrity and upright conduct which make individuals trustworthy, forthright, responsible and fair.

Fundamental regard for the dignity and worth of each individual and recognition of innate values like respect for their elders, nation, hard work and knowledge.

Environment and Community
We aim to produce a community of learners who are responsible, well informed citizens, compassionate and contribute as individuals, to the nation and to the broader globalized world.

Our Motto

The simple yet lucid motto of the school "Confident, Competent and Caring" endows every child studying here with an extrovert personality, confident demeanour, respect for values and elders, knowledge of their great cultural heritage and an enduring love for learning.