The Annual Sports Meet

The Annual sports Meet at Smart Wonders School was held on 20th February 2018 with great mirth, verve and merriment. The sports day was organized in keeping with the belief upheld by the school that apart from academics, sports play a vital role in      the holistic development of the children.  The principal Mrs Anu  Dhingra declared the sports meet open by releasing  the balloons  as an expression of joy and freedom. The well synchronized March Past by the students of the Junior Wing left everybody spell bound. There was great enthusiasm all around with the start of the athletic events. The participants exhibited tremendous amount of zeal and spirit amid cheers from their fellow students. It was a delight to watch the little ones race their way to the finishing line. The event culminated with the prize distribution. The principal Mrs Anu Dhingra stressed upon the fact that winners do not quit and quitters do not win.