Times Of India Workshop Class 9-10

Ms. Amrita Bains conducted the second session of the NIE workshop on ‘Adolescence’ for classes IX and X on 20th May 2017 in the AV Hall. She started the workshop with an interactive session asking the students about their understanding of this phase in their lives. She then went on with her presentation focusing on:

  • Period of Stress and Storm – the opportunities to develop their individual capacities in a safe and supportive environment, the various mood swings and creating a personal domain.
  • Transitional stage of physical and mental human development between puberty and legal adulthood – the changes that everyone goes through.
  • Development of adult process and identity – choosing the right friends, choices of life, right peer groups.
  • Transition from social – economic dependence to relative independence – balanced choices make balanced humans. A very conducive environment at home / school makes it possible to become responsible individuals.
  • Change in adolescence – Physical, Psychological, Emotional & Social.
  • Handling adolescent changes – making right decisions, not complying with peer pressure, taking guidance from parents and teachers.
  • A video was shown about the effect of technology at home and how family time needs to be spent.
  • Bains shared life time examples to explain the situation that mould people in their lives.
  • Girls were spoken to separately on personal hygiene and refraining from any activity that could affect their lives later.

The Workshop was very informative and the students were responsive in interacting with the resource person.